Is your Investment ready for Winter?

Is your Investment ready for Winter?

Winter is upon us and landlords need to ensure that their investment properties are prepared for the adverse weather which we will shortly experience.  Damage to homes during recent winters has exceeded £600 million, with insurance claims over the winter months having risen by over 200%, mainly due to the high winds but also resulting from heavy rain, snow and burst pipes.

Landlords who manage their own properties;

Does your tenant know how to turn off the heating system if there is a burst pipe?

Do they know where the emergency gas shut off valve is?

If the property is to be vacant over the Festive period have you advised the tenants to switch the water off or alternatively set the heating system thermostat on a low heat to prevent pipes from freezing?

Have you checked that the check plants in the house are not growing into the brickwork, which could allow frost damage to infiltrate?

Have trees been pruned back so that branches are not going to cause damage?

Are there any loose roof tiles that could cause damage?

Martin and Co have already organised additional property management visits to highlight any areas which need attention before the winter sets in, we would strongly advise all landlords to do similar, thus reducing the possibility of extra expense over the coming months which will have an adverse affect on your investment yield.

If you would like Martin & Co to carry out property inspection then please contact our offices on 01825 744033 or email