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Two streets near Truro make most expensive list!

Two streets near Truro make most expensive list!
London and the South East have always dominated the most expensive properties in the country and, according to Lloyds Bank, Eaton Square in West London's Belgravia district has taken the crown for the most expensive street in England and Wales with an average house price of £16,944,000.

With central London boroughs dominating the national list with average house prices in Westminster and Kensington reaching over £10million, I was surprised to see that as soon as you exclude central London and the South East, a few familiar names pop up including Restronguet Point, Feock (£1,808,000) and Upper Castle Road, St Mawes (£1,634,000).

I love Cornwall and am delighted to see that some areas are doing exceptionally well in terms of house price growth but we also must bear in mind that we have some deprived areas in the county that have seen little house price growth in the last 5 years and even in some parts, prices have fallen. Buying the right property in the right area really can be make or break when it comes to investing.

The least expensive parts of the country are just as surprising, take for example Waterloo Walk in Sunderland where the average price currently is only £14,600 (I haven't missed a zero here, that is less that £15k) and realise that this price has fallen from £16,500 in 2015 a 13% loss in the money invested!