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Thinking of buying in Cornwall? - Truro is as safe as houses!

Thinking of buying in Cornwall? - Truro is as safe as houses!
According to a well known insurance comparison website if you own a property in Truro you have just over half a percent chance of being burgled!

Cornwall has always attracted those people who perhaps want a quieter pace of living away from busy cities and high pressure lives but as Cornwall grows and local industry builds and population expands, a question is raised about how the quality of life here is being affected. The 'rose tinted' view of a traditional Cornish way of life may not always be as it seems but at least we can still say that we have one of the lowest rates of burglary in the country. This latest online tool allows you to put in your postcode and get a rating on the chance of being burgled. It also shows the best and worst areas around you and nationwide. While the results are not all that surprising, it is pleasing to hear that we live in a safe part of the country where (according to this website) living in Truro you only have a 0.512% of being burgled. 

Of the surrounding areas apparently Newquay, Helston and Redruth have a higher chance of a burglary with areas such as Wadebridge, Trispen, Goonhavern and Mitchell all having a lower chance than Truro. Some parts of Cornwall don't have any data and so it is hard to believe that this online tool is 100% accurate and it is also only based on insurance claims in the last two years rather than actual burglaries reported to the Police. For that information you have to look at the 'Police crime map' . last year in TR1 there were 24 reported burglaries, compare this to somewhere like Newquay (TR7) and during the same period there were 93 reported cases. Now while 93 cases sounds like the police have been busy, compare that with say Redbridge in Essex which had 192 cases in the last 12 months, and 71 crimes in January 2017 alone, that alongside that geographically the TR7 postcode covers considerably more area, it does puts it into perspective. 

With the Sunday Times reporting that two places in Cornwall have been named in a list of 'best places to live' in the UK and Truro featuring in The Telegraphs '20 best places to make money outside London', I believe Cornwall is well worth investing in, I've even bought a flat myself here in the city in the last few months as an ongoing rental investment, good price, solid tenants in situ and a good yield - if you want something similar, let me know and I will start looking for you.