The Election . who really wants to help in Cornwall?

The Election – who really wants to help in Cornwall?


·         Increased construction of new properties, plus building 200,000 starter properties for first time buyers aged under 40 at 20% below market rate

·         Extending right-to-buy and rent-to-buy schemes, offering discounted rents and an opportunity to buy for social tenants.


·         Increased construction of new properties (200,000 annually) and encourage the expansion of smaller building firms

·         Give more power to local authorities to build on designated land quicker and deliver new 'garden cities' in green land out of cities.

·         Some priority given to 'local buyers' (should reduce people buying 2nd homes in Cornwall?) and stopping homes from being left empty (although no details on                 how this will be achieved)

·         Mansion tax on properties over £2m and to reinstate the spare room subsidiary

·         Better regulation and simplification of financial products such as mortgages

·         Protected three year tenancy agreements for the rental sector and increase the quality of rented property by regulating landlords

Liberal Democrats:

·         300,000 new homes per year! (the most of all the parties).

·         Higher council tax bands for expensive properties

·         'Help to build' incentives over 'Help to buy' scheme

·         More powers to control the number of second and empty homes

·         Cornish 'devolution'? giving local authority more power

·         'Rent to own' scheme . getting tenants to become owners without taking a mortgage (not 100 % clear how this will work and would take roughly 30 years to build             up enough equity in a standard home to actually 'own it' meaning tenants would have to stay 30 years!)

·         Further protection from 'rogue' landlords for tenants and minimum energy ratings for rented properties


·         Protect the 'green belt' and build on 'brownfield sites'

·         More power to local people to overturn large scale developments

·         Prioritise ex-servicemen and women for social housing

·         Restrictions on 'Right-to-buy' for foreign nationals

·         Re-instate the spare room subsidy

·         Streamline welfare system and benefit cap

Green Party

·         Abolition of 'Right to buy' and the construction of 500,000 new social rented homes by 2020.

·         More power to bring empty homes back into use

·         Struggling borrowers able to transfer ownership of their homes to local council and pay rent as tenants

·         Scrapping the tax allowance on mortgage interest for landlords (!!!)

·         Greater security for private tenants and rent 'caps' stopping landlords put rents up (!!!)

·         Forcing landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their rented properties

·         Abolition of the welfare cap