Right To Rent Legislation - How does it affect you?

Right To Rent Legislation - How does it affect you?
In the last six months the government has brought into force several aspects of the Deregulation Act including changes to Section 21 notices, the compulsory issuing of the 'How to rent in England' booklet to all tenants and now the latest bit of legislation is the 'Right to rent' scheme designed to ensure that all adults living in rented property have a right to be in the county. 

What some have described as 'getting landlords and letting agents to do the governments job for them' the new legislation came into affect on the 1st February 2015 and stipulates that all adults over the age of 18 must provide sufficient evidence that they have a legal right to be in the UK.

The responsibility for these checks have been put onto landlords across the country with them personally being held liable should they fail to comply. You can be fined up to £3,000 for renting your property to someone who isn't allowed to rent property in England.

Examples of what documents are needed by landlords to prove the tenant has a 'right to rent' include passports and copies of UK immigration paperwork. But what happens when a tenant cant provide these documents? The guidance is long and complex and can only be summarised quickly by saying ' a combination of documents'.

Only some Letting Agents have taken ownership of the checking process so if you don't currently use Martin & Co Truro, make sure you check that your agent is protecting you!
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