More red tape - evictions now to take even longer!

More red tape - evictions now to take even longer!

Thankfully arrears is a very small problem for Martin & Co mostly due to our quality referencing and checks, however even we can't predict the future and a quality tenant today could get made redundant tomorrow, fall out with his girlfriend and turn into a tenant from hell!

If the worst happens and as a landlord you end up with a tenant not paying rent and refusing to leave, far better to have a rent guarantee policy in place to cover the cost and hassle of tenant eviction.

Now it seems that the Ministry of Justice has changed the process for eviction after more and more landlords requested cases to be transferred up to the High Court for a quicker eviction. The changes . which add two further steps to the application process and an additional fee . may cause further pain for landlords with severe cases who are desperate to get rid of problem tenants.

Now the added administration time and the time it takes to get approval could end up adding a further six to eight weeks to some eviction cases . causing further pain for those landlords whose tenants are not paying the rent.
Not the news we all wanted to hear but if you would like some more information on  insurance cover, just let us know at the office.