Deposit disputes - cleaning is king!

Deposit disputes - cleaning is king!

A recent review of the Tenant Deposit scheme for 2014 revealed that landlords are not doing enough to protect themselves when renting a property. 'Lack of evidence' is given as the main reason why the TDS are ruling in favour of tenants over landlords in a lot of cases. Martin & Co Truro strongly believe that each and every property is to be presented in the best possible condition prior to a tenant moving in, and a comprehensive independent inventory taken. As part of our managed service we insist that landlords have an inventory as it provides an accurate picture of the condition of the property before the tenant moves in. Any differences are noted at the end and you have plenty of evidence through detailed descriptions and photographic evidence.

Cleaning remains the most common cause of dispute, appearing in 53 per cent of all cases. This is followed by damage (46 per cent), redecoration (29 per cent), arrears (16 per cent) and gardening (14 per cent).

Despite the best efforts of the deposit schemes, landlords and agents are not being awarded 100 per cent of the deposit as often as tenants. Without an independent inventory it is hard to justify to an adjudicator from the TDS any deductions.

Will Gentle, the manager at Martin & Co in Truro commented "It is so important that landlords have a legitimate independent inventory. This will always be much more detailed than a landlord's own document and will provide vital evidence in any end-of-tenancy dispute without any bias. Any inventory made by the landlord, or us as agents ,could be seen to be biased by the adjudicator. We ask all tenants to check and sign their agreement detailing the inventory when they move in.â€

The best advice from Martin & Co - protect yourself and have a good quality inventory. Speak to the office for more details. 01872 225354