Buy to let special !

Buy to let special !
Many landlords come and seek my advice on potential purchases that they may have seen on the market with other agents and as always, I am happy to spend the time looking through property details and giving a 'desktop valuation' on what they might achieve in the busy Truro lettings market.

However those properties always have a degree of uncertainty attached. Perhaps there is a bad neighbour nearby that will cause a landlord headache, maybe there is work to be done on the property leading to the landlord having a lengthy void period or in the worst cases, maybe there is a hidden problem with the property itself which could cause a lot of expense.

It remains far better to buy something that you know and has a proven track record. We have been fortunate enough to be marketing several properties currently that would make great purchases and give any investor landlord a solid rate of return - something that is harder and harder to come by.

We have a great three bedroom house in the city centre that has been let for the last five years and has a good quality long term tenant that wants to stay - ideal if you are looking for a stable tenancy with little or no void period.

If you are looking for a higher yield then buying one of the flats we currently have for sale looks very attractive. Located in Truro city centre. We have been letting these flats for over five years and they have a solid track record, they have already been discounted by 10% on the market value as the owner wants to sell them quickly to fund another development project.

We have eight flats in total but three have already been sold in the first two weeks and these flats are such a good buy that I personally am just going through a mortgage approval so I can buy one myself!

If you want to buy outside of Truro we even have two purpose built flats (one on top of each other) that again give a great yield and you could spend under £100,000 and get change!

There is more to choose from as well and if you really wanted to speculate I even have a large house development project for sale just outside of Truro.

With the interest rates at an all time low, one of the best options I can see for a long term pension income is to invest in rental property. For more details, just contact the office or email me directly at Advice is always free and without obligation.