Another landlord fined almost £2500 for poor property management!

Another landlord fined almost  £2500 for poor property management!
Yet another Cornish landlord has been fined for failing to maintain their property.

Truro Magistrates Court ruled to fine the landlord in question almost £2500 including a payment to his tenant for the inconvenience. The landlord had not employed a letting agent and arranged the rental himself, obviously trying to cut his costs, but the result has cost him a lot more. The tenant reported issues to the council after the landlord failed to deal with repairs that the tenant had notified the landlord of and the council served notice on the landlord to complete the repairs within a specified timescale.

A representative from the Council has stated "the Council will prosecute when landlords are non-compliant with housing legislation. This case highlights that there are still some landlords who are not fulfilling their legal obligation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their tenants.

"The Council will make every effort to advise, educate and work with landlords but those who plead ignorance or fail in their obligations can rest assured that the Council will make every effort to bring them to book.â€

If you are not using a managing agent already, examples like this one show that sometimes it can been too costly NOT to have one in place. For free advice, contact our office today.