Spare a thought for others!

Spare a thought for others!

My poor wife has just had a nasty accident whilst we were in Germany for a long weekend. The long weekend turned out to be a long fortnight! An emergency hip operation, days of recuperation in hospital, gruelling physio and finally--..a flight back home! However, I am delighted to report that it's been business as usual at Martin & Co - what a great team we have in the office!

This whole experience has made me realise the awful inconvenience  that people with physical disabilities  must often go through, just trying to do the everything day things that we all take for granted in our homes . washing, cooking, cleaning  making the bed . the list is endless!

So should it come as a surprise that we have so few applicants with physical disabilities, looking for homes to rent or buy ? Usually most of what we agents have to offer is totally unsuitable. When did you last see a wheel chair motoring around the new apartments in Tonbridge? And as for houses-.most of us get vertigo just climbing the stairs of the typical Edwardian semi!

So next time I winge about my aching back, or the niggling football injury, I will stop and think about how fortunate I am to get around my comfortable home, drive my car to work and sit in my spacious office with all its modern conveniences.  

Not everyone has it so easy!