Landlords in Sutton - read this carefully!

Landlords in Sutton - read this carefully!

Landlords in Sutton should be aware that the controversial Immigration Bill, under which letting agents and landlords are legally obliged to record the migrant status of tenants, has now received Royal Assent.

The government says it “ensures our immigration system is fairer to British citizens and legitimate migrants and tougher on those with no right to be here” but the obligation on agents and landlords, backed up by the threat of a £3,000 fine for non-compliance, has raised eyebrows in the PRS.

The RICS has already described the proposals as unacceptable because agents and landlords are used “to deliver [the government’s] immigration policy” while the Residential Landlords Association has warned that the policy will force up agents’ fees.

Despite having Royal Assent no details have yet been released of the exact date at which this measure - which is now a law - comes into force. A commencement order is likely to be made before Parliament breaks up for the summer on 22 July.

What do Sutton's landlords think? Should this be your responsibility?