Martin & Co Letting Agents in Sutton Coldfield Launches new Rent Guarantee Product


Martin & Co today announced the launch of their market leading product, ‘The Martin & Co Rent Guarantee’. This has been developed to support landlords within the Martin & Co network.


Heidi Shackell, Commercial Director of Martin & Co, commented on the new product launch “We wanted to build a product that is market leading and will stand the test of time. We wanted to ensure we had built a product that provided the highest level of protection for our landlords hand in hand with an extremely competitive price. We have developed a cost competitive solution and we believe this to be a ground breaking and market leading product.”  


Research from the specialist team at The Landlord Hub, in Peterborough, demonstrated that many rent guarantee products on the market aren’t actually insurance contracts and don’t offer the protection of being an insurance product – so Martin & Co developed their rent guarantee product to ensure landlords were protected by an insurance contract. The majority of rent guarantee products on the market will only cover the landlord if the tenant fails to pay rent, whereas the ‘Martin & Co Rent Guarantee’ covers many other aspects, in fact it covers all breaches of tenancy with the exception of anti-social behavior. The ‘Martin & Co Rent Guarantee’ product covers rents up to £8000 a month. When designing the product they reviewed the reasons why landlords need to claim to ensure the product dealt with all elements of this and also looked at the current economic climate and how this is having an effect on tenants and therefore in turn unfortunately landlords.


Martin & Co Sutton Coldfield, renting in Erdington, Great Barr, coleshill and surround areas is offering a comprehensive solution from the Landlord Hub, which includes  repossession of the property, payment of rent arrears of up to 12 months whilst the tenant still occupies the property and a payment after vacant possession if property is damaged and needs repairing and is therefore not able to be re-let. Additionally, the ‘Martin & Co Rent Guarantee’ product can offer landlords the peace of mind of having squatters evicted free of charge on their behalf. All of these elements make sure that Martin & Co Landlords are provided with one of the highest level of protection from what we believe to be a unique market leading package.


This is just one of the unique products that The Landlord Hub has to offer. The Landlord Hub also provides Landlords of Martin & Co who use the full managed service free eviction and have the luxury of a tenant monitoring product that enables tenants to be monitored throughout the tenancy term and the landlord alerted of any changes – something that up until now hasn’t been possible with other providers.  This is unique in the market and a very reassuring feature.


Heidi further adds that, “We know of no product on the market that offers all of these benefits for landlords than ‘The Martin & Co Rent Guarantee’ product. We have a team at the Landlord Hub recruited especially to support landlords and answer any of their questions”


Rent guarantee is just one of a range of landlord solutions and services The Landlord Hub offers to Martin & Co Landlords exclusively. For more information, contact Martin & Co Sutton Coldfield team on 0121 321 6090  or email the team on