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Central Business District starts to take shape

Central Business District starts to take shape

With the completion of the new bus station in Hanley, plans are now moving quickly onto the planned central business district area, although some criticism has been made of the council’s decision to own the first two major offices in the new development, vacating existing sites in Stoke.


The leader of the council, has sought to re-assure residents of Stoke that the council is not turning its back on the area, and its belief that the offer to developers of a significantly larger area than the original Spode factory, will create a real opportunity to redefine the centre of Stoke as well as Hanley.


The business district is expected to create 4,000 jobs, with the intention of creating and attractive environment for white collar and professional jobs in the City.  With the city currently having only half of the number of professional jobs in a City of it’s size, this is seen as a key priority by the Council.


There are also expected to be over 400 construction jobs created during the development, along with a significant boost to local suppliers and contractors.