Landlords - How to avoid those insurance claims!

Landlords - How to avoid those insurance claims!

Here at specialist letting agents, Martin & Co Stevenage we like to help our landlords avoid those annoying things that go wrong resulting in an insurance claim. Here are some tips for you.



So-called 'escape of water' claims are the most common type of loss amongst landlords.

This type of claim often relates to poor plumbing or pies and a leaking pipe can cause significant water damage.

The risk of flooding and water damage can be mitigated by some simple checks on your pipes to ensure no leaks and that joins between pipes are secure.

Take particular care during winter as frozen pipes are more prone to bursting.


Accidental damage


This is the second most common type of claim amongst landlords and can include damage to carpets, broken electrical equipment and cracked baths. Of course by nature accidental damage is hard to avoid, accidents do happen.

At Martin & Co Stevenage we try and help you minimise your risk. Most importantly as a specialised letting agent we do a vigorous tenant check to ensure you get decent tenants for your property.

As a landlord some thoughtful design can also help such as laminate flooring in the living-room rather than carpets, no worries about red wine being spilt!


Storm Damage

Of course we are unable to prevent storms but by taking some precautions landlords can minimise the damage suffered when a storm occurs.

A poperly maintained and repaired roof goes a long way to minimising damage suffered in a storm. Make sure loose tiles are repaired as are any holes or breaches. Gutters and pipes should be checked to ensure they are sturdy, properly secured and unblocked.


As a dedicated, experienced agency dealing in lettings Martin & Co Stevenage are happy to talk through any of the issues with our current or prospective landlords.