Floods recede in Staines - a Petition to sign for Future Protection

Floods recede in Staines  - a Petition to sign for Future Protection

I’m sure we’re all heaving a collective sigh of relief as the floods recede.  In the end not one of Martin & Co Staines’ properties was flooded – we were lucky, but many others weren’t of course.  The River Thames between Datchet and Teddington has the largest area of undefended floodplain in England.   You could sign a petition to support the development of a flood relief scheme…….

Some estimates put in the region of 30,000 homes and businesses at risk from flooding in this area.  There are also critical transport links at risk including M25 junctions,  rail links as well as water and electricity supplies for the South East.

And of course Staines, as well as many of your properties,  lies right in the middle of that floodplain.

The Lower Thames Flood Relief Scheme (Datchet to Teddington)  is designed to mitigate this risk.  The scheme would involve building three more sections of flood diversion channels, improving some existing weir structures, providing some localised protection for groups of houses as well as flood plain management.

The Environment Agency believes they can secure £136 million from central government if they can find local support and the remaining funding required.  It is thought the total cost will be around £260m.  All the local councils affected are involved and Phase I (mainly planning) has already been started.  

More detail can be found at the following link:


Property level protection is being offered to some residents, should you want to see if your property is eligible, you can contact JBA consulting on plp@jprop.co.ukor on 01633 410021.

Perhaps most importantly there is a petition from HM Government which you may want to look at and sign – follow this link:


and the number of signatories is rising daily – why not add yours to the list?