Flood Updates from Martin & Co Staines

Flood Updates from Martin & Co Staines

We have had many calls over the last few days from worried landlords who have seen the grim pictures in the news.  So we wanted to keep you abreast of what is actually happening and what we are doing to protect your interests and help keep your properties and tenants safe.

Yesterday we emailed all our tenants enclosing a copy of the guidance issued by Spelthorne Council on keeping the property and themselves safe and how to be prepared should the worst happen.  We also asked them to get in contact with us should they become in the least bit concerned about their safety or your property.

We are keeping track of properties on flood alert – we have a short list of about 10 out of the total number that we manage which we consider to be at risk. We are keeping in contact with the tenants of those properties, registering them at risk with the council where necessary and carrying out daily drive pasts to see if there is anything more we can do to protect the property.

So far, we only have one property actually flooded and that was a riverside house on Friary Island, so not unexpected, either by the tenant or the landlord.

The environment agency believe that next week will be crunch time in Staines as more rain is forecast in the Oxford area over the weekend and this will take a few days to filter down the Thames into Staines.

The flooding is extremely localised, so for example the picture we show is taken at the entrance to Sykes Drive, off Priory Green, between Kingston Road and the Staines by-pass.  Whereas on the other side of the Kingston Road – Cherry Tree Avenue is completely dry.  

The following  links http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/highways-information-online / http://www.bbc.co.uk/travelnews/surrey provides constantly updated information on which roads are closed.

Please do call the office if you are at all concerned.  Rest assured we will be calling you if we have any major issues to report with regard to your property.