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Dutchbarn Close, Stanwell outperforms Sykes Drive and Gresham Road in Staines!

Dutchbarn Close, Stanwell outperforms  Sykes Drive and Gresham Road in Staines!

Talking to one of our new landlords the other day, I was intrigued to discover the yield on her property.

Now renting out for close to £900, this property is achieving in excess of 7% yield on the initial investment.  A great story and one which most Buy To Let Landlords would love to be part of.

Compare that to one of the more sought-after roads in Staines, say Sykes Drive, where a 4 Bedroomed house rents out for say £1495.  On today’s prices that’s a yield of around 3.7%.   Or perhaps a closer comparison, The Grange apartments in Gresham Road, where a typical two bed flat would rent out for between £1100 and £1150, there you would see a yield of just over 5%.

But then of course rental income is not the only criteria, investment growth also has to be looked at  - which is more important to you?

Sykes Drive Houses have achieved a growth of around 7% over the last year – values for 4 bed houses up around £27,000; The Grange has fared less well, with growth just under 4%, up around £11,000 over the last year.     DutchBarn Close shows growth of around 6.5%, values of 1 bed flats up around £8,000 over the last year.

Food for thought indeed!