A Quarter of Flood Claims face Risk of Rejection

A Quarter of Flood Claims face Risk of Rejection

This is a subject dear to the hearts of many Staines based landlords who have seen their properties come close to being flooded over the last couple of months.  It turns out it is definitely worth checking the small print on your insurance policy.

Esure, Admiral and Co-op are amongst companies that exclude claims due to groundwater flooding, where the properties are damaged due to saturation after a long period of wet weather.  So if water rises up through your floorboards, your property wouldn’t be covered.

Of the 2,320 homes damaged by floods since the start of 2014, 563 have been damaged by rising groundwater as opposed to river or coastal floods.   If the flooding happens over a period of time, it may be classed as ‘a gradually operating cause’ and is generally not covered by home insurance.  It is also worth checking policies for other flood-related exclusions such as storm damage to fences, gates, and gazebos.

Insurers you might want to consider who don’t exclude groundwater damage include Lloyds, LV, Nationwide and Churchill. Something to think about next time you renews your insurance.

You may also want to check out the National Flood Forum website for approved flood resilience measures: