Winter is approaching - Get that boiler checked

Winter is approaching - Get that boiler checked

With the summer heat wave a distant memory and only 69 days until christmas the cold weather is on its way! So now is the best time to get your boiler checked to make sure it doesn't break down when the ice and snow hits, leaving your tenants without heat and potentially an expensive call out charge to get it fixed.


Here are a few tips to make sure your property stays nice and warm throughout the winter months.


1. Boiler service - Although it seems like common sense, you'd be amazed at the amount of property owners that overlook this simple fix and end up with a large emergency call out charge.


2. Power flush - if your property has gas central heating then a power flush is recommended. By removing build up in the radiators they will heat up quicker and more efficiently. Potentially saving you and your tenants money.


3. Insulate - Sometimes in particularly cold weather the condensate pipe can become frozen leading to the boiler switiching itself off. By insulating the pipe you reduce the risk of it freezing.


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