Winter approaching, fuel bills rising, top tips to reduce your bill

Winter approaching, fuel bills rising, top tips to reduce your bill

As winter approaches at a rate of knots and the temperature drops, fuel bills rise as we try and keep warm. Well read on to try and save some money on your fuel bills this winter.


Top Tips for saving money on your utilities bill this winter:

1. Check with your supplier about a cheaper deal or switch providers if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere. It may seem too obvious but you could save hundreds of pounds.


2. Drop your thermostat by 1 degree celsius. A simple trick that could save you up to 10% on your bill and lets be honest no-one is going to notice a 1 degree drop.


3. Pop some tin foil behind the radiators, this helps stop heat escaping through the walls and reflects it back into the room. This will allow you to drop the thermostat by that magical 1 degree in tip number 2.


4. Don't use a room very often? Then don't waste energy and money by heating it. Turn the radiator off and keep the door shut. But make sure you pop the radiator on now and again to flush the radiator through and stop the pipes freezing in extreme weather.


5. Clothing - put on a jumper if you're feeling cold rather than putting the heating on. May seem simple but you'd be surprised how many people pop the heating when they are cold and are only wearing a t-shirt!!


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