What flooring to put into a rental property

What flooring to put into a rental property

A small decision like 'what flooring to put into a rental property?' can lead to big costs if the wrong type is used.


The first question you should ask yourself is 'who is my target market? High end or mid range tenants?' If you are targeting the higher end of the property market then the type of flooring you put into your property should represent that, and the same goes for mid-range properties.


Wood flooring

If you are aiming at the higher end of the market then genuine hardwood flooring would be preferable as tenants who are in this end of the market expect 'quality'. Vice versa for a mid-range rental property laminated wood flooring would suffice. 



If you are planning on putting in carpets into your rental property then again your target market needs to addressed. A tenant at the higher end of the market will expect good quality carpeting, conversely a mid-range property would require carpets that are hard wearing particularly in high traffic areas such as the hallway or lounge. However, we recommend paying out a bit more than normal as cheap carpets often wear out quickly and you'll have to pay out more in the long run. 


We recommend that the carpet be in a neutral colour as experience tells us that 'quirky' carpets can put off renters as it's not to their 'taste'.


Tiling and Lino

In all types of properties these two types of flooring are best suited for kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. This is due to the potential mess than occurs in these rooms. A tiled floor in the bathroom is much easier for a tenant to clean and maintain then a carpet which may become mouldy and damp over time when continually exposed to water.


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