To change the locks or not?

To change the locks or not?

Recently we were having a discussion on whether properties should have their locks changed after every tenancy. The arguement for was very strong as neither the landlord or letting agent know whether a tenant may engage in criminal behaviours after their tenancy. As a letting agent we not only have a duty of care to our landlords but also to the safety of our tenants. So should locks be changed after every tenancy?


After a long discussion we concluded that it is advisable that landlords change the locks on the property after every tenancy. However, in certain instances this may not be feasible, such as if the property is in a block of flats, changing the locks on the communal doors may prove costly and logistically changing everyones keys in block would not be easy. 


Yet we came up with 2 instances that the landlords or agents should definetly change the locks:


1. The tenant has been evicted, or if the tenant abandones the property (including belongings). Tenants may come back for items left at a later date so better be safe then sorry.


2. Any significant disputes between the landlord or letting agent and the tenant as this could result in malicious damage at a later date. 


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