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Protect your investment - Go green

Protect your investment - Go green

With the cost of living continually rising, tenants budgets are being stretched to the limit. This makes it more likely of defaults on rental payments, although rental guarantee services are available they don't provide a long term solution. However, by making your property more energy efficient could mean a tenant defaulting or not. Also a property that does not suck money from the pockets of tenants is also more desirable, meaning if a tenant does vacate then void periods are likely to be reduced as no doubt a new tenant is not very far away.


Green solutions such as solar panels still provide an excellent investment even though the feed in tariff has been reduced. The reason being is that if you have invested in property for the long term it's likely that you'll eventually start turning a small profit from them and your tenants will be happy in the knowledge that they aren't just lining the pockets of the big utilities firms.


If you are planning on providing white goods in your property then think about your target tenants. If you plan on renting to a professional couple, then its probably better to provide a smaller fridge freezer then a large one. A simple solution to saving money, which could save them £13 a year. Although only a relatively small saving, if the same was applied to all the appliances in the property then it could jump up to 3 figure savings.


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