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Pets and Property

Pets and Property

With rental demand ever increasing and stock being stretched, pets have been on the sharp end. With an increase in pets being given up to charities such as Second Chance Animal Rescue centre.


Here at Martin and Co Southampton West we are always looking for ways to get a property let so the landlord gets their rent and minimises the void period between tenants. Allowing pets in your property may be the difference between your property on someone elses.


Lets face it we are a nation of animal lovers and many of us would go hungry if it meant that our pets could eat. So why do landlords discriminate against pets?


Obviously the biggest concern for a landlord is damage to the property as a result of a pet. However simple measures can be put in place to help minimise the risk. One such measure is to take an extra £200 security deposit so if there is any damage by the pet at the end of the tenancy then there are funds to draw from to fix the damage.


Our personal experience is that people with pets move less often, perhaps because it’s so hard for them to find another landlord who accepts pets. This potentially secures a tenant for a long period of time.


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