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Council Bedroom Tax

Council Bedroom Tax

What is the council bedroom tax?

Well the council bedroom tax is a part of the welfare reform that will come into play next month. It will see those who have a spare bedroom in their home, have their benefits cut. 


Usually those who claim housing benefit will be claiming between £50 and £100 per week, however, from April 2013 payments of benefits will be determined by the number of bedrooms a family actually needs.


Who will be affected?

All claimants who are deemed to have at least one spare bedroom will be affected. This includes:


  • - Separated parents who share the care of their children and who may have been allocated an extra bedroom to reflect this.
  • - Benefit rules mean that there must be a designated ‘main carer’ for children (who receives the extra benefit).
  • - Couples who use their ‘spare’ bedroom when recovering from an illness or operation.
  • - Foster carers because foster children are not counted as part of the household for benefit purposes.
  • - Parents whose children visit but are not part of the household
  • Families with disabled children.
  • - Disabled people including people living in adapted or specially designed properties.


How will be payments be determined?

If tenants are found to have one spare room, the amount of rent eligible for housing benefit will be cut by 14%.


If they are deemed to have two or more spare rooms, the cut will stand at 25%, resulting in an average loss of about £14 to £16 a week.


Under the new rules, each adult or couple is allowed one bedroom and children under 10 are expected to share. Children under 16 are expected to share if they are the same gender.