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2 Tips To When Selling Your Property

2 Tips To When Selling Your Property

Below are a couple of tips that should help create a lasting impression with any potential buyer. As an estate agent in Southampton we understand the trials and tribulations that sellers go through, as like you we've also been in that situation when selling our own homes. So we want to give you every opportunity to get your asking price and that all-important quick sale.


1. Clear away clutter - The first tip is one that costs more in calories than pounds. Cleaning away clutter from the home, making it look clean and tidy goes a long way to make a lasting impression with any potential buyer. Although this tip may seem obvious to most, you'd be surprised how many people fail to tidy away a simple mess like children's toys. So roll up those sleeves and get tidying.


2. Grand entrance - This tip is of paramount importance when trying to sell your property. First impressions are everything when you are trying to make a lasting impression! If your property has a front garden, ensure its kept well and is in a tidy state. Other aspects of the entrance that help make an excellent impression are a few flowers in pots, a working doorbell and either clean or paint the front door (not if its pvc). When we live in our home we can cope with imperfections however when we are trying to sell we need to sort these as buyers maybe not so tolerant of these imperfections.


Martin and Co. Southampton Shirley is a family run estate and letting agent in Southampton. We offer an excellent service to sell your property for you, but we also offer a pick and mix service to help you reduce the costs of selling.

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