Bringing a new meaning to fast response

Bringing a new meaning to fast response

Martin & Co Solihull are already well known for its fast response to calls and enquiries from Landlords and tenants alike.  We always endeavour to answer any queries within the hour, and answer phone calls within 4 rings!


We are now able to provide an even swifter, and in some cases, life saving response.  Our Business Development manager, Stuart Jenkins has recently joined FastAid, a local charity that provides Community First Responders (CFR's).  CFR's are volunteers, based in the local community, who are trained to the ICHD First Person On Scene Intermediate level and are dispatched by West Midlands Ambulance Service control when they are able to reach a life threatening condition faster than the nearest paramedic.


CFR's carry a comprehensive kit with them which includes Oxygen, various masks, airways and burn & wound dressings, as well as other equipment such as blood pressure monitors and oxygen saturation monitors.  They also carry automatic external defibrillators , allowing them to treat patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest, and give valuable resuscitation quickly, thereby increasing the patient's chances of survival.


Stuart normally stands by from his home in Shirley, but is also able to respond from the office.   In the event of a call, he immediately drives to the scene, assesses the patient and gives whatever help he can until a paramedic arrives.


Stuart says "I chose to become a CFR because I have held first aid qualifications for years, but never dealt with anything more serious than a cut finger.  I wanted to do something that can really make a difference".


So for a fast response whatever your requirement call Martin & Co letting agents Solihull on 0121 745 5599.