Rain Rain go away!

Rain Rain go away!

Well, i wander if you are all asking yourselves the same question...........where has summer gone? I for one am NOT impressed with the grey clouds and endless drizzle that we are currently experiencing. I feel a mass migration coming on, who's with me? I am sure we could all be very happy in the Caribbean!


Once again we have had a busy couple of weeks here at Martin & Co Shrewsbury, life and lettings go by in a dizzy whirlwind of viewings, meeting new tenants and landlords, walking dogs, laundry, and everything else that comes with mixing a busy work life with a busy home life. But would we have it any other way? Of course not!


So, i suppose you are all wandering what we have been up to these past two weeks? Have you missed us? Waiting with baited breath to see what adventures the Martin & Co Shrewsbury team have been up to? Well wait no longer!


Tracie and Simon


A successful bank holiday weekend in Wales, kitting out the coastal retreat with all the creature comforts you could hope for. A home away from home!


For those of you who have never been to Aberdovey, you must pay a visit sometime, especially if you own a dog, the beach walks are really spectacular with wide open sandy beaches and large rolling sand dunes. Across the estuary from Aberdovey lies the small village of Ynyaslas which is home to the "petrified forest", for those of you who didn't read about this in the news:


"This submerged forest proves that the coastline used to be further west and that the sea level has risen. Radio carbon dating suggests that these trees died around 3500 BC (but others to the south, near Borth, date from 1500BC). The tree stumps were preserved by the acid anaerobic conditions in the peat. The forest remains also hark back to the legend of a lost land - the Lowland Hundred or Cantre'r Gwaelod as it's known in Welsh."


Back to Tracie and Simon........they have settled in nicely and the first of many guests paid a visit over the weekend


Pictured above are the happy couple and our trusted maintenance associates, Stuart and Maria, of RS Property (first class property maintenance and building contractors), looking out over the glorious sand-dunes, trying to figure out where the kids had disappeared to! 


If any of you are curious as to what a twilight walk across the beautiful beaches around Aberdovey may look like, here is a sneaky peak: 


Pretty Stunning isn't it? 


Our lovely Directors have also been socializing with some of our fantastic tenants, when i say socializing, i mean attending their wedding. The sun was shining, Tracie and Simon scrubbed up very nicely and a great time was had by all. How many letting agents do you know that you would invite to your wedding? Probably none, and it goes to show just how refreshing and personal we are here at Martin & Co Shrewsbury: 





As for me, it's certainly been a busy couple of weeks, mainly house-sitting for my wonderful Mother while she relaxes on a beach in Greece, alright for some! Mr B and i spent a sunny Sunday in the garden with Mr B using the dog as a cushion: 




We visited the brilliant "Blists Hill Victorian Museum" in Ironbridge, somewhere i haven't been for many years and it certainly didn't disappoint. Blists Hill is an open air museum, one of ten museums operated by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, built on a former industrial complex located in the Madeley area of Telford, Shropshire, England. The museum attempts to recreate the sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian Shropshire town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We took Ruby and she had a great time, even being sung to in the Victorian themed pub: 


It was also the Birthday of my best friend, Lydia, champagne was consumed and a fabulous meal had by all at the Pondicherry in Ironbridge. For those who have never eaten there i would say.......why ever not?! It is a superb Indian restaurant with a great theme, set in an old police station and court house, complete with cells underground which have been renovated into beautiful booths to hire out for private parties. It is a new favorite of mine and i will be frequenting the Pondicherry on a regular basis :-) 


Back to Business

Thinking about investing in Buy to Let property? Now is the time as first time buyers are discourgaed further............


14% of tenants think they will never buy as aspiration gap widens

Friday, May 30, 2014

Published by WARREN LEWIS


In April, 94% of tenants registered with Your Move and Reeds Rains wanted to become homeowners.

Over one fifth (22%) of tenants are expecting to be able to by the end of 2014 and a further third (34%) believe they will be able to buy within the next five years. Over a quarter of tenants (27%) believe they will buy at some point in the future, but cannot pinpoint when.


However the aspiration gap is widening. The proportion of tenants who think they will never be able to afford to buy has risen to 14% in April 2014, up from 10% in February.


Lack of a cash deposit remains the biggest obstacle to homeownership for prospective buyers, with 44% of tenants reporting that saving a deposit was a factor prohibiting them from buying this April. The second most common constraint preventing tenants buying was the high transactional costs like stamp duty and legal fees (16%). Only 10% of tenants say they are worried an interest rate rise will push up mortgage repayments in April, down from 13% in February 2014.  Other concerns included insufficient income to support a mortgage (15%), possibilities of future unemployment (7%), falling house prices (4%) and decreasing income (4%).


David Brown, commercial director of LSL Property Services, said: 


“Saving for a deposit remains the number one challenge preventing many prospective home-owners from getting on the ladder – even with Help to Buy in position. The scheme is still a keystone in the recovery of the first-time buyer market. Some areas of the country are still limping out of the recession slump. Buyers in these areas are still waiting to feel the effects of the recovery in their wallets. In the meantime, while prices continue to rise, they need help in order to be able to get onto the housing ladder.”