MPs vote against Labour's rental reforms

MPs vote against Labour's rental reforms

MPs voted yesterday on banning letting agents’ fees!! Agents can breathe a sigh of relief – but possibly only for the time being – after yesterday’s motion by Labour in the Commons to ban fees to tenants was defeated.

When it came to the vote at 7.30pm, 228 MPs voted to ban fees, but 281 voted against the proposed new clause – a margin of 53.

Ed Milliband reaches a horribly mis-informed conclusion that by banning agents fees, the cost of moving will be decreased. What he has failed to fore-see is the fact that these fees, which cover the cost of vital services, will be passed to the Landlord, increasing costs to the Landlord, pushing rental prices up and discouraging people to rent property......the property market will be affected in the worst possible way.

Walker told Eye that the industry must join forces to highlight such baseless claims.

He said: “We need to challenge every inaccurate accusation, or rents will increase, there will be fewer properties and tenants will end up paying more.”

Meanwhile, ARLA agent Maxine Fothergill, of Amax Estates in Gravesend, Kent, has successfully put up an online petition on the Government’s website urging the industry to act together and MPs to vote against banning letting agent fees.