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PROPERTY PRESENTATION AND STAGING by our own house doctor, Catherine Haken


When considering selling or letting your property ensure that it is presented in such a way that it maximizes its market value, appeals to the broadest  range of potential buyers/renters and in doing so, you should achieve the desired asking price. 

Staging achieves desirability and salability by cleaning, de-cluttering and de-personalizing a home to create stylish, redefined neutral spaces.  A buyer/renter can then mentally visualize themselves living in that space.

These 10 tips for “Home Staging” are points that you should consider before promoting your property so that your objectives are achieved.

10 Tips for" Home Staging" your property to sell or let:

  • Your home is now a house - a commodity to sell.
  • Depersonalize - don't distract potential buyers with your taste.
  • De-clutter - streamline the house and remove all clutter.
  • Clean - make the house shine inside and out. 
  • Neutralize - ensure that the interior is neutral & bold colours are toned down.
  • Kerb Appeal - the exterior of the property should be well presented and appealing. 
  • Define each room - make sure each room has a purpose and a focal point.
  • Repairs and DIY - the house should be in good working order.
  • Accessories - less is more, but dress each room with a few co-ordinated accessories.
  • Pets - where possible remove at viewing times and ensure the house is odour free and well ventilated.

Finally, scrutinize your house. Does the house look welcoming?  Imagine how the house presents to potential buyers/renters and are you presenting this property at its very best.