Home Buyers Final Walkthrough Checklist – Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Home Buyers Final Walkthrough Checklist – Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Here are some great tips for Martin & Co home buyers, courtesy of Teresa Cowart, who is a  RE/MAX Accent Fullltime Realtor in Richmond Hill USA.

Use this checklist during your final walk through of the property that's about to become 'home sweet home'!

1. Have a list with you of the things that are supposed to left by the sellers and check that each item is there.

2. Check that all appliances that are supposed to stay in the home are in fact there, AND that they are all in working order.

3. Run the taps in every sink, shower and bathtub to ensure the plumbing is up to par, and while the water is running, check for any leaks.

4. Turn on all of the lights (from the basement to the attic) to make sure they all work. If one doesn't work, you should check to make sure it is just a light bulb problem and not an electrical problem.

5. Check the smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work.

6. Open and close any and all windows to check that they work and check for any cracks or damage that wasn't there when you signed the agreement.

7. Make sure that the home is empty of everything the seller was supposed to remove from the home, like rubbish, things that were stored in the basement or attic, and all of their personal belongings.

1. If the home has a garage door, make sure it opens and closes smoothly.

2. Walk around the exterior of the home to make sure that any landscaping that was there when you signed the agreement are still planted and any structures that were supposed to be left by the seller are there.

3. Check that any siding, brick, etc. is free from damage that wasn't there before.

4. Check inside any shed's or other structure to ensure the seller has removed everything they were supposed to.