Get your property fit for letting part 2– internal maintenance

Get your property fit for letting part 2– internal maintenance

In the second instalment of the series, we will be looking at the internal maintenance tasks that you can conduct to ensure that your property is fit for letting.

Appearances count, there is no denying it. The moment an applicant steps foot in your property they will have an idea of whether or not they can see themselves living there, so first impressions are everything! Don’t allow your property to be let down by some quick and easy fixes, that could not only make your investment more attractive to prospective tenants, but also keep it well maintained.

Fix any leaks – Think about the impression that a leaking tap will leave on prospective tenants. Your glossy white bathroom could be let down by that one leaking tap, that is guaranteed to get noticed by your applicants. Fix any potential leaks in the property to maintain it to its highest possible standard and to make the best possible impression. 

Clear drains – Take preventative measures to stop drains clogging up and to remove unpleasant odours. Give the sink stoppers a good clean to get rid of any build up and give the drains a blast by pouring boiling hot water down them. You may want to think about adding drain screens to stop hair, and soap scum from building up too.

Seal the windows- The caulk line that holds windows in place should be checked to ensure that it is not looking shrivelled or cracked. Cutting away the old caulking and replacing with a new bead of caulk can be an effective insulation technique, and key to reducing energy bills and keeping your tenants warm.

Security- It is important that prospective tenants get a sense of security when looking around your property. Walking into a property with a front door or windows that don’t quite shut won’t appeal to anyone and poses a major securityrisk. Features such as good quality locks, bolts, safety chains, spyhole viewers and security systems, will give prospective tenants reassurance.

Add a fresh lick of paint – Painting the property in neutral colours is appealing to prospective tenants. Fresh light airy colours provide a versatile backdrop, and make it easier for applicants to envision what the property will look like with their belongings in. Steer away from bold wallpapers and paint colours to give your property more scope to tenants and give it a more modern feel.

Keep the neutral theme running through the carpet- Don’t just stop at the walls, neutral flooring and carpet is an attractive feature for prospective tenants. Although you may like the giant flower print on the carpet, think about your future occupants. Remember to keep the carpet easily replaceable and relatively cheap…. accidents do happen!

Use some savvy decoration tips – Taking advantage of some simple decoration tips can transform an underwhelming feature of your property. If your property includes a small (box) room, hanging a mirror on one of the walls in the room can make it look bigger. Update an out dated kitchen by replacing some of the features such as doors and handles to give a more modern look. Don’t forget the impact that lighting can have on a room, by making it feel more welcoming, and in some cases bigger. Table lamps are a good quick fix, to add to the lighting mixture.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a thorough clean! Tenants will be scrutinising your whole property, so dirty marks on walls, stains on carpets and dusty surfaces will make nothing but the wrong impression. Tenants will be looking for a gleaming kitchen and bathroom, so you must ensure that your property is looking the best it could be.

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