Get your property fit for letting part 1– external maintenance

Get your property fit for letting part 1– external maintenance

In the first instalment of the series, we will be looking at the external maintenance tasks that you can conduct to ensure that your property is fit for letting.

Conducting the following tasks will help ensure that your property is well maintained. Your property is your business, so it is wise to keep it in good condition to protect your investment and attract tenants.

The roof - Particularly after the terrible storms that have been raging the country since December, it is exceptionally important to check the condition of the roof of your property. The 142mph winds took down trees and caused damage to thousands of properties across the UK, so it is recommended to check that your roof tiles are still secure and none of them are missing or cracked. It is also advisable to check and remove moss, as a build up of this could cause potential damage to your property.

Examine chimney for signs of damage- Check that your chimney made it through the winter intact, by looking for any signs of damage. Look for any loose chimney pots or crumbling brickwork as this will pose a problem. It is advisable to get your chimney checked once a year to ensure that it is safe, although most people tend to get this service towards the end of the year.

Gutters - It doesn’t take long to conduct an inspection of gutters and downpipes, but it is a worthwhile task. A blocked gutter can cause damage to not only external walls but also the roof of the property. A quick blast around the gutters with a hose will help you identify any potential blockages. If you notice a significant amount of debris in the gutters, consider installing gutter guards to prevent this.

Check the exterior of the property for any cracks – It is a good idea to begin inspecting the property for any cracks in the exterior. Although the best timeto begin any plastering work is usually the summer, it is advisable to take stock of any problems.

Paintwork – Not only can a lick of paint transform the appearance of your property, but it can also stop water penetrating. This is particularly vital around external windows and doors and can help prevent rot and damp. Painting the property will also give it a new breath of life and help attract new prospective tenants.

Ensure that the parking areas are clear – Parking is an important requirement for many tenants, so it is a good idea to check that the parking facilities are clear. Check for any debris, overgrown foliage and any potential obstructions, to ensure that the tenant can use the facilities with ease.

Clean pathways, driveways and patio areas - Use a powerwasher to give these outside areas a thorough clean to get rid of any algae that may have grown. Not only will it make the areas safer, but it will also make it cleaner and more appealing.

Fix broken fences or gates - If your fences and gates are still standing after the recent weather, they are obviously strong and secure. However, if the strong winds have taken their toll, now is the time to make repairs or buy replacements. Your tenants will not appreciate broken fences or gates, which are not only unsightly, but also pose a security risk.

Spruce up the garden -Create a clear canvas for the summer months by clearing away any debris that may have fallen in the high winds. Clear away any litter or dead plants and begin tending to the lawn. This could include seeding or mowing the lawn to ensure it stays healthy and lush. If the property has a garden, your tenants are likely to be a family, so a clean tidy garden could be a big selling point.


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