6 Brilliant Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Home

6 Brilliant Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Home

If you considering moving home and need to refresh your property to get it ready for viewing, here are a few ways to achieve x without spending too much money. 

1. Keep it tidy!

OK it’s not always easy to maintain the look of a show-home with family or messy friends, but if you invest one weekend in getting your cupboards and shelves sorted, you’ll find that putting things away becomes a lot easier. Here are a few smart storage solutions:

Under-sofa storage

If your sofa has a drawer below it, use this for board games and other toys that never make it back to bedrooms, or buy a large, low-level plastic tub to throw toys into and slip under the sofa.

Use odd spaces

Don’t be scared to fit shelves into sloping wall space under stairs, around basin pedestals or around your bedstead – a little bit of home carpentry goes a long way.

Cool containers

Store small bits and pieces on shelves or on the floor (eg by a fireplace) by gathering them all together in good-looking tubs. Choose patterned cardboard designs or use charming old leather suitcases and hat boxes from charity shops, stacked by size.

Busy box-beds

If your spare room is usually a junk store and you need to smarten it up for viewings, why not kit it out with a box-bed with drawers and cupboards below.

2. Use natural light

Rearrange tables and chairs nearer to windows, and position mirrors on walls where they can reflect light to brighten dark rooms and bring the sun inside.  This will create a nice bright atmosphere for any potential buyers.

3. Create fine aromas

Coffee, baking, perfume, laundry – all these can generate everyday scents that give you and potential buyers a real lift and deliver that feel-good factor. Have a sort through your cupboards to see if you have forgotten furniture polish or home scents then do a quick household clean to get the place smelling gorgeous.

4. Revive your home accessories

When you’re vacuum cleaning, make sure you give armchairs and sofas a good clean too, puffing up cushions and removing dust and mess. Use pretty sheets and throws to make sitting rooms or spare beds look more homely in a variety of ways, and don’t be afraid to mix up patterns for a more cosy effect.

5. Savvy tip

Think about the room you’re least happy with in your home, then spend one weekend giving it a blast of your time – tidying, maybe repainting with half a tin of something from the shed, possibly even changing its use (adding a table for a study or putting mess into the attic so there’s room to use it for guests staying over).

6. No-cost garden makeover

Bold ideas and a bit of digging can reap great rewards and allow you to show off your garden’s best features, even when a trip to the garden centre is just too expensive.

Bursts of colour

Carefully dig up flowers and shrubs and replant them in clusters with similar colours to maximize the impact of what you’ve got.

Creating paths

If you have a path already, enhance its look by keeping the edges well-defined and trimmed back, and keeping moss or weeds out of the gaps between paving stones. Or gather together a few good-sized stones and hunks of brick to map out a path or create a ‘curb’ where your lawn ends and flowerbeds begin.

Wall décor

If your outside walls could do with a lick of paint but you don’t have any spare stone or outdoor paint in the shed, consider using an old beaded curtain in front of the wall to add colour.

Ditch the old shed

If you don’t have the money to replace that wobbly old shed, consider relocating its contents and simply getting rid of it until you have the funds for a new one. You’ll be amazed how much better and more spacious your garden will look if you clear it away. Use some of the wood to create your own veg patch.

Savvy tip

Refresh your flowerbeds by asking friends for cuttings of plants from their gardens and offering some of yours in return.

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