Gas Boiler Flue regulation changes in January

Gas Boiler Flue regulation changes in January

With autumn looming and the end of the year in sight we thought now would be a good time just to remind you about the change in regulation that is due on 1st January 2013.


As a direct result of a fatality in 2008 the regulation’s for boilers are being changed. Any flue pipes that run through a boxing, ceiling or another property will need to be assessable for inspection when the appliance is worked on. This is only applicable to gas boilers not electric.


If the flue runs through another property then the flue will need to be accessible in all properties. When hatches are installed they will also need to ensure that the building fire resistance has not been effected.


If the flue is not accessible then the appliance will be deemed ‘At Risk’ and any gas engineer will have to turn the appliance off! If you own/manage a site where you know this will be an issue I would suggest that remedial work is completed now to ensure that tenants are not left without a working boiler.


For more information http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/pdf/Flues%20in%20voids.pdf


The cost for remedial work to fit the hatches will vary depending on the length of the flue and type of hatches required