Following the government’s update on 13th May 2020 regarding home moving in England during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are pleased to announce our branches in England will start re-opening their doors for booked appointments over the coming weeks. Health and safety remains our main priority, and a number of strict measures will be put in place to protect our staff and customers. Our offices in Scotland and Wales will continue to support customers from home. Visit our branch page to find contact details for your local office.

How are you using your living room?

How are you using your living room?

During these unprecedented times, we are being ever more inventive with the ways we use our living space. For many, our living rooms are restaurants, gyms, bars, and cinemas whilst we are under government lockdown - something I never thought I would have to write about.

9.9 million people in the UK are members of health and fitness clubs. For the meantime his means our living spaces are now sports venues, as they are transformed to accommodate P.E, dance, yoga, etc.

During these times, it is of critical importance to get your allocated amount of exercise time in per day. Although it is great that our living room can be so versatile, nothing beats the fresh air. Of course, enjoy the fresh air whilst observing social distancing.

When it is time to halt the yoga and put down the dumbbell, our living rooms across the country are being turned into restaurants in the evening, and cinemas in the late/early hours. Many people seem to be doing this with the UK's most popular streaming service Netflix, with critics believing subscriptions are set to rise by 15% over this period.