Some interesting facts on the Kidlington property market

Some interesting facts on the Kidlington property market

Martin & Co's Letting Manager, Richard Goodwin, has been doing some digging around Kidlington:

"A landlord who has invested in rental properties throughout Oxford asked me about the property market in her home town of Kidlington.

"What I found out about 'England's Largest Village' was quite interesting. The average value of a property in Kidlington is £329,400, which is just £20k below the average of the neighbouring village of Yarnton. The most expensive street in Kidlington is Mill End, where an average property is worth in excess of £984k. Only 961 properties out of the 6258 properties have been sold since the 2011 national census.

"Interestingly, of the 6258 properties in Kidlington only 506 were privately rented, representing just 10% of the Kidlington market. This figure sits below the Cherwell District average of 16%.

"If you would like to come and discuss property in the area, you are welcome to visit our offices on Woodin's Way, Paradise Street, Oxford or call me on01865 812110."