Empress Court Vs Reliance Way - Which is best?

Empress Court Vs Reliance Way - Which is best?

Let me share with you a rather odd story regarding two of my landlords who I have been speaking to this week. One has a 1 bedroom apartment in Empress Court and called me to discuss his next investment. He pointed to the Reliance Way development in Cowley as a possible location for investment. Later that week another of my clients who owns a property in Reliance Way expressed and interest in securing a property in Empress Court. 'What are the chances?!' I muttered to myself, but it did get me thinking about these two giants of the lettings world and how they compare. My findings were interesting.

My client paid £236,000 in 2011 for his 1 bed on Empress Court, in Oxford city centre. At the time the rent was £1125 per calendar month which gave him a yield of 5.7%. Fast forward to present day and the apartments are now going at £300,000 or more with the typical rent now at £1250 per calendar month. His yield now sits at 5% and the property has appreciated by 21.34%.

My landlord who owns a 2 bedroom apartment on Reliance Way, Cowley purchased in 2011 for £249,950 commanding a rent of £1050 per calendar month giving him a yield of 5%. Moving on to present day his apartment would now fetch approximately £280,000 at a rent of £1200 per calendar month with an annual yield at 5.1%. It's capital growth during this time is 10.74%.

An argument could be made for both. They both command strong yields and both show good sustainability but in this head to head, the city centre prevails (just)!

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