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Are villages to the east of Oxford good BTL investments?

Are villages to the east of Oxford good BTL investments?

A landlord asked me whether the rental market to the east of Oxford is a good place to invest in so we did a little research with a focus on the villages of Horspath and Wheatley.

There are some great properties available to rent for a tenant, from a lovely three bedroomed semi-detached bungalow at £1150 per month, to a beautiful one bedroom character house at £850 per month. Quite interestingly there are not many properties that are offered in the privately rented market in this area. It is heavily weighted to owner-occupier Vs privately rented with 79% of this area being homeowners and only 8% are privately rented.

Some people have the perception that village properties are difficult to let, as the tenants have to own a car and afford the fuel and maintenance that goes with it. Putting aside the large stone country properties with land and stables, which usually let well, as long as you have a property that is not above the £2500 per calendar month mark, there should be a decent demand for it. In addition, local schools can play a hugely significant role in the demand of an area. Wheatley and Horspath primary schools are very popular with parents and the demand to be in the catchment area can have a very positive impact on properties offered for rental in these areas.

If you would like some advice on what could make a good property investment in these locations, or villages in general, please visit our office on Woodin's Way, Paradise Street.

Best regards

Richard Goodwin

Lettings Manager, Martin & Co Oxford