Nottingham Council Tax Changes 2013

Nottingham Council Tax Changes 2013


There are some major changes to Council Tax from 1st April 2013 that will affect the level of support they can give to people on low income and the level of tax on empty properties as stated on the Nottingham City Council website...


Council Tax Reduction Scheme

The Government is abolishing Council Tax Benefit from April 2013. It is handing over responsibility for Council Tax support to councils but is cutting the money it is providing to councils to achieve this by 10%. Nottingham City Council opposes this but is required by the Government to implement a new scheme.Council Tax Benefit will be replaced by a Council Tax Reduction that will appear on the Council Tax bill


The change means that if you are of working age and get Council Tax Benefit you won't get as much help towards paying your Council Tax bills from 1st April. Everyone, except low-income pensioners, will have to pay something from April 2013, even if they are on Income Support or getting Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance.


In order to try to reduce the financial impact on households, the council has applied for transitional funding from the Government which will reduce the amount people have to pay in 2013/14. However, this funding is for one year only and this means that the following year (2014/15) it is likely you will need to pay more. The amount you will have to pay will depend on the valuation band of your home, how many adults are living there and your financial circumstances.



Empty Properties

The Government has changed the rules on Council Tax for empty properties so that greater flexibility can be applied in deciding the level of Council Tax that will be payable on empty properties.


At present any property which is furnished but not used as anyone's main home gets a discount of 10%. From April, no discount will be given and the full Council Tax will have to be paid. This applies to second homes and furnished rented accommodation between tenancies.


Properties which become fully empty i.e. unfurnished, currently get an exemption for up to 6 months. This exemption can be extended to 12 months if the property needs or is under going major repairs to make it habitable. These exemptions will no longer apply from April and the full Council Tax will have to be paid. Other exemptions from Council Tax remain and may apply in some instances.


The Government has introduced a new charge for properties that remain fully empty for more than 2 years. Owners of these properties will be charged an additional premium of 50% meaning that they will have 150% of the normal Council Tax to pay.


Below is a summary of these changes


Property Type

Current Council Tax

Council Tax from 1st April 2013

Furnished property not used as anyone's main home

10% discount leaving 90% to pay

Full Council Tax to pay

Empty and unfurnished

Exempt for 6 months and then full tax to pay

Full Council Tax to pay throughout

Empty needing or undergoing major repairs

Exempt for 12 months and then full tax to pay

Full Council Tax to pay throughout

Empty and unfurnished for 2 years or more

Full tax to pay

150% of the Council Tax to pay



For more information – visit http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=20935