Following the government’s update on 13th May 2020 regarding home moving in England during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are pleased to announce our branches in England will start re-opening their doors for booked appointments over the coming weeks. Health and safety remains our main priority, and a number of strict measures will be put in place to protect our staff and customers. Our offices in Scotland and Wales will continue to support customers from home. Visit our branch page to find contact details for your local office.

Landlords... Avoid The Breakdown This Winter..

Landlords... Avoid The Breakdown This Winter..

When the temperature drops, the cold weather and heavy snow can be a landlords expensive nightmare. The main issues reported by tenants are boiler breakdowns, burst water pipes, frozen pipes and blocked drains. While we do what we can to ensure your tenants know how to turn the water supply off, what actions to take when pipes freeze and recommend them to keep the heating on low, there are also measures that the landlord are responsible for. 


Martin & Co Nottingham recommend simple precautions that all landlords can take to make rental properties winter-proof. To prevent further problems and avoid a painful contractor bill, we believe the below are essential:


1- Carry out an annual boiler service to avoid a winter breakdown, this will also forestall any dangerous build up of carbon monoxide caused by frozen gas flues. 

2- Insulate your exposed pipes, boiler pipes and water tanks to avoid bursts and leaks.

3- Carry out a roof investigation to ensure there are no loose or missing tiles after the bad weather.


However, if the property is empty, it would be the landlords responsibility to ensure it is ready for any extreme weather conditions, we would strongly recommend inspecting your property during this period to reduce the risk. Take advantage of our special winter offer - 10% off when you proceed with 2 or more of the below:


  • Drain down system and turn off - £65 + VAT
  • Adjust temperature settings to low - £45 + VAT
  • Insulate exposed pipes- £65 + VAT
  • Boiler Service - £60 + VAT


If you are happy for our contractors to conduct any of the above, please contact our Maintenance department on 0115 8533241 to book your property in!