Landlords.. Are Your Agents Doing Enough For You?

Landlords..  Are Your Agents Doing Enough For You?

At Martin & Co, we pride ourselves with our customer service, expert advice and professionalism, not all agents can offer the services we do! A letting agent begins the process by visiting the property to determine its potential rental income, all market appraisals are FREE with Martin & Co.  Once you have found an Agent that you are happy with they should get the ball rolling quickly – making sure that they are keeping you informed of developments and interest shown in the property. This should include any advice or recommendations to obtain the best rental price for your property.


The agent will show the property to prospective tenants and inform you of the general feedback or offers made on the property. They can act as a go-between during negotiations before a tenancy agreement is signed. Once you and the prospective tenant have come to an agreement, the agent will reference your tenants, obtain guarantor information and provide a tenancy agreement for both parties to sign. All of this can usually be done through the agent by phone, email or post, so there is no need to actually visit the property or meet the tenants, the agent will do all the hard work for you.


If you have asked an Agent to Manage your property you should be kept informed of any work that is required to be completed at the property and unless you have agreed otherwise your agent, they should always seek authorisation from yourself before proceeding with any work or repairs. At Martin & Co, we can offer you a tailored service to suit your needs, whether it’ll be a fully managed service, rent collection or tenant find only.


These are just the very basics of what your agents should be doing for you.  You should feel that you are using an agency that you can trust and rely on, after all they are looking after one of your most important investments.  Why not call Martin & Co Nottingham for FREE ADVICE – 01158533230