Superstrike v Marino Rodrigues Update

Superstrike v Marino Rodrigues Update

Unfortunately, this isn't a computer game despite its name, its a rather nasty court case which, so far, is having wide reaching implications on Landlords up and down the country. This is how we reported on it in June CLICK HERE and why we're using the same gory picture to illustrate the seriousness of it.


The Deposit Protection Service with whom we protect private tenants' deposits have issued some very helpful guidance notes which we would counsel all of our readers to study

Click Here.


We took the view when details of this case emerged a few months ago, we would deal with the issues as proactively as we could for all of our Clients who enjoy our Fully Managed or Rent Receipt services. As it turned out, because we already proactively manage all such underlying tenancies, there were only a handful of tenants where our Client had permitted their tenancy to become a periodic one. With these we have either issued (or are in the process of issuing) new Prescribed Information or, even better, put in place new fixed term agreements. Martin & Co Norwich Continuing to be Refreshingly Different


For our Clients who have used our Tenant Find service and who have not taken us up on our offer in the past to put in place a new fixed term agreement for you with your tenants, your URGENT ACTION is now required. This is only needed where your tenant is continuing their tenancy on a Periodic Basis and you need as a matter of urgency to issue the Prescribed Information again. We'll happily do it for you although we'll have to charge a modest fee to cover our costs. Give us a call on 01603 766860 if you'd like to chat it through with us. Rest assured the underlying security deposit, where relevant, remains fully protected with the DPS.


For landlords who have yet to experience our award winning services, give us a call also if you'd like any further information or the Heads Up on what your current agent should be doing for you.


This stupid "law" must surely get overturned in the fullness of time but until then you need to take action NOW.  Unfortunately, the ambulance chasers having got bored with sending out PPI texts are now targetting tenants offering them large amounts of free money - Don't let that money be yours!