SAFEagent Awareness Week

SAFEagent Awareness Week

A National campaign is calling for landlords and tenants in Norwich to be SAFE

Landlords and tenants in Norwich and beyond are being reminded of the importance of choosing letting agents who subscribe to Client Money Protection (CMP) schemes. Now in its third year SAFEagent Awareness Week will take place from May 12 – 18 and will be supported by a raft of regional and national initiatives to drive awareness of the importance of choosing a letting agent who offers financial protection.  

Martin and Co was the founding member in Norwich of the SAFEagent scheme and there are now 19 agents in central Norwich who subscribe, all displaying easily identifiable logos at their premises. This is a surprisingly small number – there are in excess of 60 agents who advertise lettings on the Rightmove property portal plus numerous back bedroom operators  who are not members. (There’s some big names amongst those not registered).

If a letting agent subscribes to a CMP scheme this means if it closes or an agent misappropriates client funds, landlords’ and tenants’ monies will be safeguarded. While those agents who are not members of SAFEagent may well carry CMP, they’re definitely missing a trick by not flying the SAFEagent flag and making that fact readily known to all.

We’re proud to be part of the SAFEagent campaign as protection of our clients money is paramount.

There are still far too many stories in the media about rogue letting agents therefore campaigns such as SAFEagent Awareness Week are really important to highlight how landlords and tenants can protect their money.

 John Midgley, chair of the SAFEagent steering group, said: “SAFEagent Awareness Week is the ideal opportunity to remind landlords and tenants of the importance of identifying agents who offer financial protection and the campaign has made giant strides in doing so since its launch in 2011.

 “There are still far too many letting agents who do not belong to a recognised body or scheme and it’s important to remind people to do everything they can to ensure their money is sufficiently protected.

“Letting agents who sign up to become a SAFEagent are also reassuring consumers that they subscribe to a defined code of practice and are members of recognised professional bodies or accreditation schemes.”

There are now around 3,000 SAFEagent offices nationwide, demonstrating their commitment to protecting landlords’ and tenants’ finances through CMP schemes.  SAFEagents are easily recognisable through the SAFEagent logo and mark which is clearly displayed and marketed by those agents in the scheme.

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