And Another Illegal Plant

And Another Illegal Plant

Did anyone see the Police report of another illegal plant found growing in a North City Victorian Terrace. No, not japanese knotweed, this one was growing in the loft! Yes it can only be a cannabis factory - every landlords worst nightmare, even scarier than japonica fallopia.


Police reported a mere 400 plants were discovered growing at the house with an estimated street value of around £60,000.


Fortunately, we've never had the misfortune of finding such factory farmers for our clients and we'd be very confident that our referencing and checking processes would weed (pun intended) them out. However, over the years we've seen what damage  running a cannabis farm can do to a property when we've been called in after the event to help find the next set of more appropriate tenants. The damage is horrendous and that's not overstating how awful properties are left.


Often times the growers themselves would arouse suspicion which is why such properties are rented in the first instance to seemingly respectable individuals who "front" the  tenancy.  There are lots of private landlords who still don't use the professional referencing services an agent can provide and will accept applicants like this at face value. When (not if) such landlords eventually come unstuck, the saving of a few pounds at the outset looks a very poor choice when faced with the many thousands of pounds worth of damage (and heartache) caused.


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