Renting Homes White Paper

Renting Homes White Paper

Did you know that in not too distant future Wales will have it’s own legislation regarding renting homes? This will be the result of Welsh Housing Bill.


Right now, we are coming to an end of Renting Homes White Paper consultation that was launched earlier this year. If you want to share your views you have until 16/08/2013 to do so.


Minister for Housing and Regeneration Carl Sargeant, while launching the consultation earlier this year, said “I am determined to improve the efficiency of our housing system and this ground-breaking legislation is a significant step forward. These proposals will create a level playing field for all landlords and also provide a fairer deal for tenants, irrespective of who they rent their home from.”


The consultation document sets out a list of proposals that would aim to help in rising standards and improve rental market in Wales by changes to the law for renting homes (which would lead to Wales having separate to England legislation regarding renting homes).


This would have a significant impact on any landlord who owns a property in Wales. For landlords with properties both in England and Wales it means 2 sets of different legislation to keep an eye on.


Sarah Cule and Sam Zalewski have been present during the meeting with Welsh Assembly Government representative at Landlord’s Forum in Merthyr Tydfil. The government has great big plans for improving rental market and make renting home a more straightforward affair. However, it is clear that some aspects are lacking the necessary details and as such the consultations are aimed at helping to assure that the new law is as close to the idea as possible.


The Renting Homes White Paper is available at:

It is rather lengthy document but on page 7 there is an executive summary available for you to read. And obviously we will keep you updated with any new developments.