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Problem with the electrical safety of rented properties

Problem with the electrical safety of rented properties

A most recent study by Electrical Safety Council ( suggests that there is a serious problem with the electrical safety of rented properties. Their study found that 1.7 milion private tenants have reported problems with electric installation to their landlords and were either ignored or the response was too slow. That is on top of 1.3 million private tenants who are waiting for electrical problems in the house to be resolved by the landlord.


Landlords who ignore their obligations expose themselves to great financial risks – fines (up to £ 20,000) as well as finding out that their insurance might not be valid. Not to mention of the fact that they put their tenants at serious risk of accident and / or injury.


Unlike gas installations which must be tested by qualified person, the law does not impose on landlord such a direct requirement with regards to the electrical installation. However, it does not mean that one can ignore the fact that by law, landlords must ensure electrical installations and wiring are maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy. The only safe and sure way of doing so is for your rented house to have electrical installation checked at least every five years. The check should be carried out by a registered electrician who will produce a report with details of the condition of the installation as well as any areas of concern.


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