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Landlords will be impacted by the rise in court fees

Landlords will be impacted by the rise in court fees

The Government has been criticised for the extortionate increase in the court fees that taken effect on 22nd April 2014. The fees for possession claims (used with s.8 and s.21 notice) increased from £175.00 to £280.00. This is an extraordinary increase of 60%!

The Government have also increased, in many cases quite substantially, the fees being charged by the courts.

Many people have warned that such a hike will restrict access to justice. Obviously, to landlords it means that the process of getting your property back using court proceedings means even more expense. This is especially difficult as landlords who find themselves in a position to have to evict the tenants are usually already under financial pressure.

As much as we would like for the change to be reversed this is obviously not going to happen. However, landlords can protect themselves from the increase by using our Rent Guarantee products which would not only pay the cost of evicting the tenants but also secure rental payments from non-paying tenants.