Boys at Martin & Co are doing their bit for charity

Boys at Martin & Co are doing their bit for charity
Boys at Martin & Co are doing their bit for charity and since it's November the movember seemed to be very fitting. Sam though that it's not only a great idea but also an excuse not to shave. You could say 2 in 1. He actually felt a bit guilty to be raising money by doing something that is rather effortless and no bother at all… or so he though.


First week was fine, though his partner was not very pleased. Sam was not too bothered - it's not forever, in the end.
Second week was when the ‘each’ started. Partner’s morning kisses became thing of the past. Only now Sam gave more though to what he actually agreed to when he said ‘yes’ to movember.
Third week was a point when the fun stopped and Sam, for the first time in his life, started looking at his shaver with feelings one should not have towards unanimated objects.
Fourth week… in the fourth week Sam scared himself when he turned on the light in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He was no longer able to recall which part of the movember was meant to be 'effortless' and 'no bother'.

Now, November 2013 has 5 weeks actually… Sam’s already starting to have some crazy thoughts… and they do not necessary involve dreams of a shave… but you can save him... please donate. If not for the charity, then for Sam's sanity sake...


On the more serious note though.
Please please please do sponsor effort of our boys (Sam, Liam and Ieuan). Even a single pound is one more pound for charity that is helping to fight an illness that is affecting lives of so many people. Please do visit our sponsorship webpage. We will be grateful for your support.

And here you can find some more pictures, including our girls who joined too.