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‘Strategic’ Squatters

‘Strategic’ Squatters

Warning for Landlords over the dangers of organised squatting as vacant property lists are freely available.

Information published in the Freedom of Information Act is helping groups of squatters statically target empty properties in the UK.


Legal 4 Landlords are warning landlords to be vigilant.

Director at Legal 4 Landlords, Sim Sekhon, said ‘We’ve seen a 30% increase in tenant eviction notices in cases involving squatters. People have become wise to squatter’s rights and its becoming a big issue.


‘Only a few weeks ago, film director Guy Ritchie became a victim of squatting after his £6 million London mansion was entered by notorious squatters.’


An estimate of 1 million homes throughout the UK have been unoccupied for more than six months, according to The Empty Hones Agency (An independent charity for the homeless)


Lists of vacant properties, freely available on government websites, has led to organised squatting groups publishing detailed maps of empty homes throughout the country. As the squatting trend continues, landlords need to prevent entry from the start.


Sim added ‘The eviction process for squatters can be lengthy and complicated, as well as causing long delays on planned development on the property. Landlords need to make sure they secure their empty properties to stop squatters from entering